Wpf datatrigger binding not updating

Posted by / 12-Mar-2016 18:17

Wpf datatrigger binding not updating

I had some extra time this weekend, so I refactored one of my early looping panels into something that might be useful for a wider audience.

I have a 2 row List View (bound to a textbox) with the names Scott Guthrie and Jon Skeet in it.The class supports dragging its items in a manner similar to the Surface app launcher.This demo brings the same type of natural user interaction to desktop WPF (via mouse) that you might find on Surface.Here's an example: The first place you will want to look is the Visual Studio Output window.It should be at the bottom of your Visual Studio window, or you can activate it by using the [Ctrl Alt O] shortcut.

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I am trying to select "Scott Guthrie" in the List View and have it populate the Text Box.