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From the fourth festival onwards, the competition was divided into professional and amateur divisions, to give new songwriters a level playing field without competing with more well-known composers.After 1985, the festival was discontinued due to a decline in public interest towards the song entries.Heber Bartolome's "Tayo'y Mga Pinoy" became a protest anthem, and Ryan Cayabyab's "Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika" became the anthem of sorts of Original Pilipino Music.Emil Mijares was the musical director for this festival. 오늘은 첫시간으로 ‘비엔나커피’로 유명한 오스트리아의 수도, 빈(Wien, 영문:비엔나(Vienna))의 커피문화에 대해 알아보겠습니다. 1683년 오스트리아의 수도, 빈을 침공했던 오스만투르크 군대가 철수하면서 버린 물품 중에는 커피원두 자루가 있었습니다. 다시 100년 뒤인 1910년에는 그 수가 1,202곳의 카페가 영업을 할 정도로 빈 시민들이 커피를 사랑했다고 하는데요. 이 연극에 등장하는 하인은 주인과 노동계약을 맺으면서 날마다 커피를 마실 수 있게 해달라고 요구하는 모습이 등장하게 되죠. 이후 ‘아인슈패너 커피(일명 비엔나 커피)’를 비롯, 30여 종의 커피가 개발됐으며, 150년 뒤인 1819년에는 빈의 카페가 150곳으로 늘어났죠.In its later period, Manila Sound was dominated by the disco mania that swept the Philippines, led by groups such as VST & Co., The Boyfriends and Hagibis, among others.Alternately described as "the marshmallow sound", Manila Sound generated a string of calculated radio hits by groups such as Cinderella, VST & Co., Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society, Florante, Rico J. Manila Sound's unprecedented and meteoric appeal provided viability to a Philippine recording industry that until then had relied on cover versions and imitation of foreign hits to entice consumer acceptance.

This period in time was right at the beginning of the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) boom, and after this first festival, the singing careers of Hajji Alejandro, Celeste Legaspi, Maricris Bermont, and Anthony Castelo went to full gear.

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This time, Freddie Aguilar's interpretation of Snaffu Rigor's composition won the Grand Prize.

BALER, AURORA – Sa kabila ng banta ng bagyong labuyo sa lalawigan ng Aurora, hindi nagpapigil ang mga opisyales ng mga Central Luzon Media Association (CLMA) at mga college scholars nito na nag-aaral sa Lyceum of the East-Aurora (LEA) na linisin ang baybayin ng Baler.

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Nagtulung-tulong ang mga ito na linisin ang halos isang kilometrong baybayin na palaging pinupuntahan ng mga tao partikular ng mga turista.

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