Android 2 2 gmail not updating

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Android 2 2 gmail not updating

If they work and Digi Cal don't - please send us an email with the details. Check the sync status of the phone and account, they must be all enabled to allow syncing.For Google Calendar: If you're running on a device with Android 4.0 or higher, please install the official Google Calendar app.Other than installing a new interface, this "app" also contains a new version of the calendar synchronization adapter for talking with the Google Calendar servers.As it contains many bug fixes and improvements over the outdated versions the phone and tablet manufacturers use, it may solve your sync errors. You might have encountered a data issue in the calendar system.Many users across the web have reported issues with receiving notifications from the Gmail and Hangouts apps on Android.The problem is most prevalent with users running Marshmallow, and the gist is that notifications from these apps are extremely delayed or don't come through at all.

You can use the stock calendar, S-Planner on Samsung phones, HTC Calendar on HTC, or Google Calendar's official app to test this.

Recently, I stopped getting notifications of new emails.

In some cases, I was going hours before realizing that I had a pile of unread messages in my inbox — my phone never alerted me!

Some Android users have reported issues updating or auto-updating to new versions of the Dropbox Android app from Google Play (formerly known as the Android Marketplace).

The Dropbox engineering team is working with Google to help resolve the issue.

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When you create a new event in Digi Cal, the data is first saved locally on your device.